7 Great Reasons to Rent a Self Storage Unit

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Transitioning is a natural part of life. Whether it be transitioning from  High School to adult life, from one job to the next, it can seldom be avoided. Another transition others will often make is moving from one place to another, bringing your whole livelihood; your family, your pets and your belongings with you. While this may be one of the most difficult transitions there are ways to make it easier for yourself and your family. One of those ways, and arguably one of the best ways to having a smooth transition from home to home, or just having your stuff stored safely and securely, is a self storage unit.


It happens, and unfortunately it can happen to the best of us regardless of our good intentions. When your lease is up there are only a few possibilities; you can move yourself and your stuff into a friend or relatives place, but you may clutter their garage and house. Possibly, you may find a new place to rent but it’s not reliable waiting for weeks, especially if you have a lot of furniture, appliances, electronics and other expensive, heavy items with you. A cheap and effective way to solve this problem can be hiring yourself an affordable, spacious self storage unit, where you can come and go as you please on a day-to-day basis, and sort out your life while the rest of it is locked up, secured and under the watchful eye of surveillance to give you peace of mind.


Not everyone’s transition is a permanent one. At times, especially if your work requires you to move around such as in the Defence Forces. You may only be away for 6 – 8 months, which doesn’t seem long enough for you to want to cart all of your heavier, more valuable possessions possibly cross-country or overseas, especially if you plan to return to where you left off. If you’re planning a temporary move, a self storage unit can be an affordable and imperative measure in cutting moving costs, saving time and space,as well as providing the security you need to the things you want to keep and have worked so hard for.


High School’s finished and you’re looking to go on your way to university to study what you’ve always wanted to. There is a slight problem though, and that can be the amount of space you might be lacking if you have to move out of that sizeable, spacious room at home and into an apartment with a few other people. It’ll most likely already be cramped, and you won’t be able to take everything, and there’s a possibility that Mum and Dad will want to convert your old room into a new entertainment area, a hobby room or whatever else they had planned. Obviously, you’d want to keep all of your furniture; your bed, nightstand, closet (if you have a free-standing), dresser, as well as all those childhood memories. Plus, there’ll be all of those appliances and other essential items you may need to stockpile while you’re saving up for your own house one day. Your parents might be kind and leave your room the way it is, but you may have to move far away and can’t afford the time or money to come back. A self storage unit is sure to be nearby, and is an easy, affordable and secure way to keep everything to your namesake (so far) under lock and key, and under your control.


Cleaning and managing a household is, at times, a stressful ordeal, especially if you have children. Something we all do on occasion to handle our household and to free up more space is downsizing. The only issue being that when it comes to downsizing, there’s always a need for another space to be free to store what you want to keep, but don’t need at the moment. Fortunately, there is a solution that, and that solution is a self storage unit.


Sometimes you just can’t have your furniture in the way when you’ve just started on those long awaited house renovations. Maybe your garage is full, and maybe you don’t have anywhere else to store your furniture, but whichever the reason, self storage units cater for all needs coming in all different sizes for long term or short term use at generally affordable prices.


When you aren’t working, and you aren’t spending time with your family, you may just be up to doing your own thing, partaking in your favourite hobby or interest. Everyone usually has one, and sometimes they can be expensive, and usually they take up some degree of space. That new home theater you just purchased for all of your favourite shows, sports and movies has to go somewhere, and that somewhere could be in the old room you’ve allocated for storage. You’ll need to move all of that stuff to somewhere else, but there isn’t anywhere else that seems suitable to keep it from being damaged by the weather and there isn’t anywhere secure enough that it won’t be stolen. 24/7 CCTV for security, climate controlled units to keep your items in great condition,  and enough space to store a small or large amount of your items, a self storage unit is as versatile as it is convenient.


A business is a busy ecosystem usually requiring a certain amount of space to operate. It isn’t difficult, especially if your business is operating in the retail sector, for space to become scarce, and clutter to become widespread. Shipments might be stacking up, but you may not want to expand just yet as you may not have the money, or there isn’t anywhere to expand unless you move. A self storage unit could be the solution to your space problems. Whether you’re a large or small business, there’s a size to fit every foot when it comes to self storage units. While you worry about your sales, reputation, customers and general work, a self storage facility will be worrying about your stock and vital business assets.

All in all, there’s a varying, broad range of reasons to at least enquire the use of a self storage unit, but whichever your reason, they may just have the storage solution for you, and your business.

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