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If you’re new to the concept of self storage, there’s a little bit to learn when finding your ideal self storage unit. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to be informed on what you need to know about self storage units and their amenities.

Amenities, simply put, are the features of a self storage unit. They can range from security features such as surveillance cameras, to climate controlled self storage units capable of keeping your possessions safe from the elements, just as you left it.

When thinking of your self storage unit you need to consider which amenities you’ll need, which means you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to be storing. If you have perishables, and want to store them in your self storage unit for use on a day later in the week, you’d make sure that your self storage unit was climate controlled so that adverse natural effects such as moisture, humidity and heat don’t cause your perishables to go off.

Also, security is another main problem that usually has a solution provided for it at most self storage facilities. Most facilities will have access gates which need to have a code put into a keypad, the code being provided by the self storage facility to you for being one of their customers, as well as surveillance cameras, and possibly even a night time security guard to oversee your belongings.

Under the Self Storage Association Of Australia’s standard agreement between the customer and the self storage facility, the responsibility of your items, whether you lock your self storage unit or not, is entirely your’s. With that point in mind, insurance can be taken out to ensure you’re compensated for the theft of your belongings if the event were to occur. Sometimes, a self storage facility will offer this through a third-party insurer that can help insure you for theft of your items that are within the self storage facility.

Many different facilities each have a wide range of amenities to choose from, and there can never be enough peace of mind when it comes to your goods. Visit your local self storage facility today and enquire about their range of units and amenities. There’s sure to be one to suit you and your needs.

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