De-Clutter & Add Value

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Are you selling your house, but you wish it was worth that little bit more? Do you feel like your house could use a little more space, or a ‘de-cluttering’ job? Now, more than ever, space has become an integral part of how we view our properties in terms of value.

De-cluttering your house is one of the best ways to maximize the perspective of space within your house, especially if it’s small and cluttered. A minimalist approach also works best when selling a house, giving the house a more ‘open’, less restrictive atmosphere where the potential buyer can accustom themselves to the surrounding area, and possibly plan what will go where and make much more clear, more insightful choices when examining the spaces in the house, which makes the purchasing decision a lot easier for the potential buyer.

Basically, freeing up space and de-personalising a home helps create a blank canvas and buyers can better imagine themselves living there. A cluttered property will look smaller and so buyers are less likely to offer the full price. It’s as simple as that. 

Another quick tip is that an aroma of freshly baked bread, or newly roasted coffee sifting through the air also helps to create a more homely atmosphere for the potential buyer.

So if you’re moving house and trying to sell, and want a simple, effective way to help sell your house for a bit of extra value, de-cluttering and converting your house to a minimalistic setting is definitely the way to go.

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