Moving With Kids

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Let’s face it; most of us aren’t comfortable with changes. So, imagine how scary it can be for our little ones to leave the place, friends and school they have known for their whole life as home. Children can really feel anxious when they are first told that a new place will soon be called home.

1. Be upfront: As soon as you have a confirmation of your relocation (place and time), tell your children about it. This will give everyone plenty of time to absorb the idea, process it and make plans for the transition.

2. Wear kids’ glasses: Before talking to them, take a look of what your new location has to offer to children, which would attract your kids’ attention. One idea would be to put a “tourist” package together with all the parks, museums, hiking spots and nature related activities.

3. Cater to the kids’ interests: If your child has an interest such as boy scouts, soccer, horse riding etc, see if you can find a club or branch within the new area for them to be signed up to.

4. Check which schools are in the new area, and make sure they’re checked early at least a month or so before moving.

5. Explain that there are belongings that the kids will have to let go of, and which they may not be able to keep because of lack of space.

6. Plan a farewell for your kids, so they’re able to say a positive goodbye to their friends and anyone they may look up to such as teachers, caregivers or a sports coach.

7. Keep an address book of your children’s friend’s addresses, phone numbers or email; it’ll make them feel better knowing they can keep in touch.

8. Involve your children in the packing, as it will get them thinking about the new move in an exciting way, and have them as involved as you are in the move.

9. Crying or being emotional is a natural response; allow for it, but be there to comfort your children and to help them embrace the change.

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