Packing a Computer for a Move

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Computers are one of many expensive yet, most surprisingly, fragile electronic items that we use in our everyday lives and is liable to be broken in many a way; a cracked screen, detached or loosened casing and missing keys are all issues that unfortunately can be caused by shock and vibrations during your computer’s transit.

Considering their fragility, one must take exceptional care when packing a computer, it’s accessories and peripherals for shipment.

If it has been kept, the original computer manufacturer’s packaging including the box it came in as well as cushioning should be reused, with the additional step of placing the reused packaging within an exterior box suitable for shipping.

If you do not have the original computer’s manufacturer’s packaging, simply find an appropriately sized box, which should only be slightly larger in size than the computer to eliminate open space and decrease the computer’s movement within the packaging.

Wrap the computer in several layers of bubble wrap making sure it fits snuggly around the computer and the inside of the box. Pack any peripherals or accessories, such as a monitor, mouse or keyboard in the same manner and place all of the packed box into yet another larger exterior box and fill with cushioning, such as foam, paper, etc, to ensure all items are tightly fit to avoid movement.

Once closed, seal the box with at least three layers (strips) of packing tape.

Now your computer is protected, ready to safely travel by transit to it’s new home.

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