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Packing the moving van or truck especially if you’re doing it yourself can be problematic, leading to issues such as minimal space sometimes creating risky balancing acts and damaging furniture whilst transporting it, usually caused from improper stacking and the lack of space to do so. Luckily, there are a few ways to overcome this and it usually starts in the preparation.

To pack your van or truck in the safest, and most time effective way, you’ll need a few practical tools and items to help you throughout the process; a dolly will be priority number one for moving your heavy furniture and boxes. Paper padding, plastic stretch wraps or furniture padding are all essential in protecting your furniture. Packing tape is needed to hold the furniture padding. Straps are also needed to keep your furniture together and to keep it from shifting during transit. Lastly, a large tarp will need to be placed on the floor of the moving truck to keep your furniture from becoming dirty.

You should put the items you really need into a cab or your vehicle so you don’t forget about them and end up misplacing your items in the back of the truck. You’ll need to bring a variety of tools so you can reassemble your furniture as soon as it’s been moved in, necessary overnight items so you don’t have to search for them, as well as the most fragile items that you don’t want to put in the van or truck.

Disassembling your furniture will help make your furniture easier to pack up and light enough to carry into the moving van or truck. Before your furniture leaves your home, it should be taken apart into smaller, more manageable pieces. Not every item of furniture can be taken apart, of course, but taking apart a few key items will make moving less strenuous.

Pack books and bookcases to make the most of the space available to you, and if you have a lot of books, and a lot of bookcases, go out and get specific boxes that will fit on the shelves of the bookcase/s. That is a lot of wasted space otherwise, and regular boxes are usually too wide and too tall to fit on bookshelves. You can pack a few books onto bookshelves, if you can keep them from falling. On higher shelves, it would be better to pack lighter or less items in the boxes. Smaller boxes of books will allow slightly less capable people to manage carrying them.

Load the heaviest items into the van or truck first, including appliances such as the stove, washing machine, fridge and dishwasher. Next, pack items such as lounges, living room chairs, entertainment units, etc.

Protect your remaining furniture as you’re putting it into the van or truck. To do this, simply wrap it in paper/plastic padding and tape it down.

Move the longer items into the van or truck such as long lounges, table-tops, headboards, mirrors and mattresses. Place them on the longest wall of the van or truck to save space and keep them upright.

Pack your boxes into the truck. Choose boxes of similar size and strength so you can stack them on top of each other. Place the heaviest and largest boxes on the bottom, medium-weight boxes in the middle, and lighter items on top. You will be creating three layers of weight.

Lastly, move and place any remaining items into the van or truck, preferably against or under something to keep it out of the way or to give extra stability to a larger item.




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