Moving with Pets

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Moving can be one of the most stressful things that a person can do. For your pets it’s equally, if not more traumatic for them; they aren’t aware of what is exactly happening.

1. Write up a moving plan. Once you have the plan done and dusted, review it so the transition can be as quick as possible to avoid overstressing your pet.

2. Schedule an appointment with your vet, firstly for a quick check up and secondly to find out if there’s a new vet in the new area you’ll be moving to. Also, ask for a mild sedative if your pet is liable to be anxious or stressed on the day.

3. Make sure your new accommodation is pet friendly. This should be done when you are searching for new accommodation.

4. Keep an eye on your pet, and give it a little bit of attention every now and then; it calms them to know you aren’t appearing as stressed as you may seem.

5. Have your pet groomed at least a week in advance before the move, which will prevent loose hair or sharp nails from ruining your new place.

6. Check your route if you’re driving, as you may need to stop at a hotel, and the hotel may not be pet friendly. Call ahead to each hotel on your planned route, preferably at your estimated overnight or stopping times when you may not be able to travel any further until the next day.

7. Make a list of things you will need for the road for your pet; dog/cat treats, one or two playtoys and possibly a small bed or some blankets to sleep on in the back may be necessary.

8. Make sure you treat your pet well, even if a bit overzealous in doing so; this will ease your pet. Doing things such as allowing them to sleep, go for a few short walks, as well as play with you will ease them into the process and overall make it a less stressful event than it could be.

9. Check to see if the new place is free from loose materials, chemicals, wiring or anything perceived as dangerous to your animal. Allow them to explore, smell and interact with their new environment as this will allow them to become comfortable in their new surroundings.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your new home together with your pet!

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