Self Storage Units For Businesses

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Whether you have a small home office, or run an active, sometimes crowded business, a self storage unit is an excellent way to free up that much needed space in the office so you can cut costs on new office space, add a new desk and overall increase productivity.

The uses for a self storage unit are varying, and they come in all different sizes, ranging from a simple storage locker, to a large room capable of storing hundreds, if not thousands of items.

Generally, most units are measured in square metres (m2), the smaller the unit the less the cost, the larger the unit the more the cost.

An example of some of the items your business could store includes but is not limited to;
Office furniture, archived files, unused computers, office equipment, documents and files, displays and point-of-sale materials, out-of-season stock items, unused computer hardware, old appliances, tools and equipment, televisions, shelving, storage cabinets, etc.

Many, if not all self storage facilities have access and security features included or as an optional part of your storage contract. These features generally allow for your self storage unit and it’s contents to be safer and more secure overall, with such amenities as 24/7 CCTV (security cameras), seven days a week early-’til-late access times (e.g 6 am to 9 pm), easy access and on-site parking, monthly payments via direct debit from your debit or credit card and generally there are boxes, bubble wrap, covers and locks as well as other miscellaneous packing/security items usually available on-site.

Making sure that your self storage facility is a part of the ‘Self Storage Association of Australia’ is a simple way of verifying their legitimacy and also means that both you and your self storage facility are covered by the Self Storage Association’s ‘Self Storage Agreement’, which protects customers from misconduct and mistreatment from a self storage company, it’s employees and managers, as well as making sure the that the self storage company is also protected from the consumer in regards to misconduct and mistreatment of their self storage facilities.

The guidelines for the ‘Self Storage Agreement’ developed by the ‘Self Storage Association Of Australia’ are as follows:

1. You must not store any items that are dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, and environmentally harmful or explosive as this is against the law.
2. All rental and service payments are to be made in advance.
3. The storage unit will only be accessible during set access hours, the hours being set by the individual self storage company.
4. As the tenant, you must notify us of all changes in your address and telephone numbers as they occur.
5. As the owner, we have defined responsibilities to you and all of our tenants, but we are not liable for the loss of any goods stored on our premises.
6. Goods are stored at your sole risk and we recommend that you should take out insurance cover.

Hopefully, you have all of the information you need on self storage to consider the option for your business, and to start saving space, time and money now.

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