Storage Wars – The Real Reality

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Recently there has been a new hit reality television show called ‘Storage Wars’ on the A&E channel through subscription based television company Foxtel, which has given a unique insight into the world of self storage unit auctions and the people that bid for them.

Self storage unit auctions are generally only held when a renter of a self storage unit has not paid for, visited or even shown up to their self storage unit or to recover the belongings within. To recover the debt they are owed, a self storage facility will auction off the belongings within a unit to both clear it out, and make sure they don’t suffer a total loss from the lack of payment from the original renter.

This is also known as a ‘lien’ in terms of the law, and is totally legal and justifiable for the self storage company to do so under the conditions of non-payment.

Although there is a lot of conflict and drama involved in the television series ‘Storage Wars’, a storage unit auction is a very real and serious event that can happen to anyone that doesn’t pay their monthly storage unit rent.

So, be wary of your monthly bills, don’t get caught out or your items could easily become someone else’s. Even if you aren’t using it, be aware of your self storage unit’s fees.

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